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Journeys to discovery.
Ceremonies to empower.
Rituals to sustain.

I offer 1-1 shamanic energy sessions at my practice in Holborn. This is very powerful energetic work for those who want to delve deeply into a profound, spiritual and life changing practice.

Initial consultation (30mins)


Pay per session (60mins)


Upfront (6hours)


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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice. It exists in some form over many cultures across the world. There are versions of shamanism across China, the far east and Russia, North and South America, Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

Given that there are so many branches across the world, slightly different beliefs and modalities, and that these have each evolved into contemporary shamanic principles and practices means that it is very hard to encapsulate.

However, at its heart shamanism always works with a few common principles:


  • The knowledge that all things are interconnected

  • We can commune with guides and allies for support and advice

  • Nature is honoured and respected

  • Shamanism utilises rituals and ceremonies to imbed and uphold the work

  • We work towards wholeness bringing together mind and body with the soul and spirit.

  • We use journeys to travel up or down seeking answers

"Contemporary shamanism is about experiencing those valuable, timeless and universal teachings and finding our own ways of incorporating them into our lives. As we get more involved in Shamanic practices, our lives become more enchanted, meaningful, purposeful, and authentic"

-Christa McKinnon


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